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Category >> Chemicals

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Contact Person : [CM] lima ebot
I want to buy : beverages, mineral water, school desk, condoms, canned foods, t shirts, towels, blankets, wine, pet foods, syringes, chemicals, juice, books, plates, adhesives, fertilizer, chairs, sea foods, paints
Contact Person : [IN] manoJ mehta
I want to buy : scientific, surgical, safety , chemicals, survey , electrical appliance
Contact Person : [PH] Mrs. Lali Sytengco
I want to buy : niacin, nicotinamide, isoniazid, sulfamethazine, antibiotics
Contact Person : [US] Mahmood Qazi
I want to buy : American, Goods, Services, Chemicals, Process Plants, MSW-Energy Plants, Recycling Plants
Contact Person : [PK] Shery Khan
I want to buy : iron and steel, chemcial
Contact Person : [US] Craig Blumhagen
I want to buy : Mephedrone, Buphedrone, 4-Meo-Dipt, 4-Meo-Dipt, Butylone, 2-ct-2
Contact Person : [IN] Lisa
I want to buy : caustic soda, titanium dioxide, iron oxide , stpp, shmp, gum rosin
Contact Person : [ET] israel
I want to buy : machinery, Iron &steel
Contact Person : [CN] luke
I want to buy : Oleic acid, Cosmetics, Medicine, Medical Devices, Food & Beverage
Contact Person : [CN] Isabella Lee
I want to buy : STPP, Caustic Soda, Soda Ash, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate , Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid , Formic Acid, Glacial Acetic Acid, Cum Rosin, Carbon Black, Iron Oxide Red, Iron Oxide Yellow, Zinc Oxide
Contact Person : [CN] Lan Xi
I want to buy : D-Limonene, MTBE
Contact Person : [CN] Rosamonde Xu
I want to buy : LDPE film, HDPE film, PP film
Contact Person : [IR] Mahdi Chafi
I want to buy : Ceramic raw materials
Contact Person : [TR] Deniz Kasmalar
I want to buy : Trans-LC Extrema
Contact Person : [CN] Ann Yan
I want to buy : EPDM , NBR
Contact Person : [CN] May Liang
I want to buy : Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Titanium dioxide, Inorganic Salt,, STPP, SHMP, carbon black
Contact Person : [UA] Stanislav Zuiko
I want to buy : Aluminium Hydroxide Precipitated, Titanium Dioxide Rutile chloride process, Zinc oxide 99.7%
Contact Person : [CN] Andy
I want to buy : peg500
Contact Person : [IN] Siddhartha Somana
I want to buy : Slumped Glass, Plates, Bowls, Shot glasses, Mugs
Contact Person : [IR] ammar mizban
I want to buy : electric cars , generators, water pumps , chrging battries, mini cars , tricycles, hawer crafts
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