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Category >> Chemicals

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Contact Person : [RU] Denis Pustynnikov
I want to buy : gas cylinder, refrigerant, gas valve
Contact Person : [US] Niamh Holmes
I want to buy : insecticides, pesticides, biochemicals, medicines
Contact Person : [US] Cho
I want to buy : General Trading/Supplies
Contact Person : [IQ] Kutayba Yousif
I want to buy : Botox, Fillers, Diet Pills, Derma Roller
Contact Person : [CN] Allen Lan
I want to buy : masking tape, paper tape, adhesive tape, masking paper, rre-taped masking film, drywall joint paper tape
Contact Person : [CN] Patrick.Wong
I want to buy : sebs, sbs
Contact Person : [CN] jessica jiang
I want to buy : plastic, raw material
Contact Person : [VE] MANUEL CESTARI
I want to buy : edible oils, vegetable oils, iron ore, Fuels, Electric Generators, sugar, HMS , Used Rails, UREA, Gold, COAL, Cement
Contact Person : [US] Denice
I want to buy : Chemicals, Metals, Minerals, Wood, Furnitures, Office Supplies, Machinery, electronics, electrical, Business, Commercial
Contact Person : [AR] Ricardo Azcarate
I want to buy : Azodicarbonamide, Rubber Chemicals, TiO2, Precipitated silica
Contact Person : [UK] Dr. Robert Wáng Xú
I want to buy : 166277111
Contact Person : [UK] Peter Mcnroe
I want to buy : chemicals, agriculture, automobile
Contact Person : [IN] Sachien Shah
I want to buy : Bitumen, onion , garlic, potato, rice, cashewnuts, wheat flour, pulses, mozaic, furnace oil, gold, diamond, used oils, ship scrap, iron ore 63+
Contact Person : [MY] Wong Wai King
I want to buy : halal food, halal products, seaweed, food ingredients, food agents, raw material, dairy products, agar-agar, algae, gelatin, carrageenan, cosmetics, beauty products, halal food, halal food, halal food, halal food, halal food, halal food, halal food
Contact Person : [SA] A. Siddiquei
I want to buy : Spare Parts
Contact Person : [UK] Sir Martin Roy
I want to buy : Tools, Machine
Contact Person : [CN] Maosheng Yang
I want to buy : boric acid, borax, ulexite, colemanite, silver ingot, boron oxide
Contact Person : [CN] avril chou
I want to buy : Titanium dioxide , STPP , caustic soda , lithopone , carbon black , iron oxide , formic acid , zinc oxide , oxalic acid , SHMP , LABSA , chrom green oxide
Contact Person : [CN] Billy Wong
I want to buy : paper
Contact Person : [ES] Carmen Mendoza
I want to buy : Machines, Products, Equipments, Trading, Buyer
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