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Contact Person : [CN] 孫輔政
I want to buy : -research and development of LCD panels, touch panels, human-machine interface controllers, and switches. -Other components.
Contact Person : [TW] Eason
I want to buy : manufacturers and suppliers of material testers, cars ( autos, autocars, auto-cars, automotives, automobiles, vehicles) industrial production testing systems, multi stands and axes auto equipments, design of pneumatic ( hydraulic) servo systems, wire ( strip) forming ( formers) and press machines, spring making machine, cnc wire bending machine, fatigue testing machineries, metal stamping parts ( components), mechanical stamp press machinery.
Contact Person : [台] Vanessa
I want to buy : taiwan manufacturers and suppliers of heavy duty auto ( automatic, automation, automated) industry ( industrial) sewing machines, roller feed postbed ( post bed, flat bed, flatbed) sewing machinery, leather skiving ( skivers) machineries, lockstitch ( lock stitch) sewing machine, zigzag ( zig zag) sewing machine, cylinder bed sewing machine with unison feed, double ( single) needle industrial sewing machine, cylinder bed sewing machine, sport shoes ( footwear) making sewing equipments, shoes upper sewing machine, cylinder arm walking foot sewing machine, sewing machine motors ( parts, components), parts of sewing machine.
Contact Person : [] jindi
I want to buy : Aqualite Glass
Contact Person : [] Jason Hong
I want to buy : Shank board, cellulose board, insole board, cellulose insole board, shoes material, texon
Contact Person : [] Elle Wang
I want to buy : touch scren, film, tape, laser systems, laminating systems, coatng systens, tester, cleaning systems, optical glasses, scree printing machine, inks
Contact Person : [IN] NILESH BORSANIA
I want to buy : Electronic Items, Household Items, Electric, Plastic Scrap, Brass Scrap, Aluminium Scrap
Contact Person : [] Eddy
I want to buy : stainless steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, stainless steel sheets
Contact Person : [US] emily richards
I want to buy : gold, silver, diamond, dvd, radio, beverages, clothing, television, iphones, ipods, electronics, furniture, desktop, computers, laptors, aliminum, electronic cigars, wood, shoes, textiles
Contact Person : [UK] Bill X
I want to buy : steel plate, steel coils, steel sheet
Contact Person : [UK] ben
I want to buy : lactose, milk powder
Contact Person : [] 劉彧詩
I want to buy : 彈性棉布
Contact Person : [] Abraham Adu
I want to buy : laptos, mobile phones, tablets, printers, monitors, tvs
Contact Person : [] Ruhla
I want to buy : Dimmer
Contact Person : [MX] Anaid Morales
I want to buy : amon, 2012, 2521, sax
Contact Person : [US] Dakota White
I want to buy : Concrete Mixer, Pallet Trucks, Trucks, Steel coils, Air Conditioners
Contact Person : [CN] VictorYao
I want to buy : extra-fine powder
Contact Person : [IN] Sam Dovey
I want to buy : minerals
Contact Person : [CN] Jason
I want to buy : lycopodium powder, lycopodium spore powder
Contact Person : [CN] Stanley Wang
I want to buy : fabric, garment, speical garment, coverall, function fabric, multi-functional fabrics
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