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B2B Global Marketing

About Us

Established in 1995, Commerce Online is an international trade information and service center catering to the entire global trade community. Commerce Online, one of the largest e-commerce site in Taiwan and is proud of complete coverage in both English and Chinese. It aims to create the increased interactions between Taiwan and the global market. Our Business-to-Business information website is dedicated to enhancing the trade opportunities of small to medium-sized businesses with international companies. We act as a matchmaker between buyers and sellers throughout the world; in the future, we hope we can help enterprise from interior management to world-wide Internet business with our strong team, and pioneer technique. To decrease the possibility of being in a difficult position and increase the competitiveness to meet up the new demand, we will have another Internet miracle.


1995 Established in Taichung,1995, is a team of professional Internet developer.
1996 Set up Taipei branch company, and make sure the way of being global Internet business service provider.

Being nominated of the prize of Enterprise Elite.

1997 Start the plan of being ranked on stock market, solicit local professional ASP engineers, and set up a department of ASP design team to profound the services we provide.

In the top 100 tradeleads indexes of Braking Magazine, we are the only one to be listed in the field, and at the same year, being ranked on the list of website designer and programmer in the World’s Fair.

1998 Solicit high-tech manager and professor, and set up a branch in America.

In the top 50 tradeleads indexes of Yam, we are the only one to be listed in the field.

1999 Proved the verification of KMPG and set up Kaoshiung branch company.
2000 Solicit local high-tech programmers; a new software R&D team is born.

Until 2000, we have won 6th consecutive year prizes of Asia best business website, and our CEO also won the R.O.C. Best Manager Prize.

2001 Integrate with technology, creativity, knowledge and well-known execution team to assist enterprise to establish digital E-system project.
2002 Combining customers' demand of business market, we provide a large bulk of sources and B2B KNOW-HOW to practice the concept of multi-ways and establish strong system of multi-ways to catch the trend of next generation marketing.
2003 Cooperating with foreign enterprise and corporation, to brand commerce an international trademark and provide global business service.