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Category >> Chemicals

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Contact Person : [EG] eng/ akmal nmasr ezzat
I want to buy : FeCl3, polymers, HFA, no cor, chimo hib, CHA, TEA, BWT, CUTTER STOCK, DEMULSFIERS, EMULSFIER, DERUST
Contact Person : [HK] Charel John
I want to buy : Potassiun Carbonate, Gypsum , Tubes for Ammonia condenser, Spuirrel case induction motor for water intake, Clinker, Para-formaldehyde, Empty Kraft Paper Cement Bag
Contact Person : [TH] Nanchaya
I want to buy : Maleic Anhydride, Famaric Acid, Diethylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Tetrahydrophthalic Anhydride
Contact Person : [MY] juliana
I want to buy : caustic soda , soda ash
Contact Person : [CN] Elva Sui
I want to buy : ppr, pvc
Contact Person : [TW] 許金坪
I want to buy : 塑膠
Contact Person : [GH] zath rosa
I want to buy : wigs, phone, pipe, shoes, lamps, computers, air freshners, fans, office chairs, furniture, fuse, air conditioners, dvd player, television, electric cables, doors, pumping machine, electronic spare parts, jerseys, speakers
Contact Person : [TW] 張兆禎
I want to buy : 人造膠, 天然膠, 化學藥品
Contact Person : [KR] Dae Young Kim
I want to buy : Natural Barite, Paint
Contact Person : [PK] Sami
I want to buy : Sodium Ferric Gluconate
Contact Person : [PL] Maciej Żołyński
I want to buy : rubber, v-belt, belts, rubber belts, agricultural belts, bearings, chains, bearing, wrapped belt
Contact Person : [US] Slogan Matthew
I want to buy : Solar, Energy, Agricullture, Furniture, Fashion
Contact Person : [ZA] Jim Walker
I want to buy : equipments, machines, building material, processing, engineering, extrussion, recycling, building, precision, mining, building, recovering, training, education, wood, hospital, farming, environment, recycling, chemical
Contact Person : [IT] Patrizia Franco
I want to buy : chemicals
Contact Person : [CN] Ivy Mei
I want to buy : CMC, Methanol, neopentyl glycol
Contact Person : [EG] ahmed usman
I want to buy : organic, chemical
Contact Person : [CN] Angela wang
I want to buy : pvc film, pvc rigid sheet, rigid granule, soft hose, rigid sheet, pvc pipes, pvc compound, pvc transparent rain boots, pvc calendared rigid sheet, pvc calendared rigid , pvc medical rigid sheet, pvc calendared rigid sheet, pvc pipe fitting, pvc transparent film, UPVC PIPES, pvc water supplier pipes, pvc drainpipe, PVC plinth FOR FLOOR, PVC injection fitting, pvc shrink film
Contact Person : [CN] nie bob
I want to buy : amoxicillin, astragasli
Contact Person : [CN] Cindy Wang
I want to buy : patient monitor, fetal monitor, fetal doppler
Contact Person : [CN] Mr Li
I want to buy : organic chemicals, chemical raw materials
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