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Category >> Chemicals

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Contact Person : [IN] vajai shah
I want to buy : pharmaceutical , Intermediates, API, Deflazacort, Dexamethasone
Contact Person : [IR] Mary Echavarria
I want to buy : Nano TiO2 powder, Nano TiO2 dispersive liquid, photocatalyst, air purifier, self-cleaning coating, car painting, textiles industry, cosmetic industry, water purifier, paint coating, glass coating, paper-making
Contact Person : [CN] Bruce Lee
I want to buy : zinc oxide, indirect method zinc oxide, french process zinc oxide, direct method zinc oxide, american process zinc oxide, medicine grade zinc oxide, feed grade zinc oxide
Contact Person : [CN] Eve Feng
I want to buy : zinc oxide
Contact Person : [CN] mickey gu
I want to buy : mulberry extract, anthocyanins, ,
Contact Person : [AE] Ms. Sheyda
I want to buy : mix xylene, mix glycol, zirconium silicate
Contact Person : [TW] Pearson Hsieh
I want to buy : recycled plastic
Contact Person : [CN] Luke
I want to buy : washing powder, washing powder machine, washing powder making machine, soap machine, soap making machine, Laundry soap , Hotel soap, Body soap, Toilet soap, Cosmetic machine, Paste machine, Cream machine, laundry cream, Dishwashing liquid , Washing up , Collar cleaner, Fabric soften, washing powder making production line, washing powder making plant, powder plant
Contact Person : [CN] David smith
I want to buy : chemcial, Tio2, Iron oxide
Contact Person : [PK] Fawaz And Co
I want to buy : Ptero Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, Leather Chemicals, Resin Chemicals
Contact Person : [ZA] Matthew Green
I want to buy : chemical products
Contact Person : [US] Mr. Dongmei Mingzhu
I want to buy : DYES, FERTILIZERS
Contact Person : [CH] Paul Schmidt
I want to buy : chemicals, crude oil products, wood, furniture, textiles, household
Contact Person : [US] rox spearing
I want to buy : gbl
Contact Person : [CN] Andrew Tian
I want to buy : MPB, phenoxy, benzaldehyde, phenol
Contact Person : [TH] Thanrada Promdam
I want to buy : Magnesium Sulphate , Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Cnloride
Contact Person : [IN] Amiruddin
I want to buy : Lubericant, Greases, Radiator coolant, Hydrocarbon distillation
Contact Person : [MY] Amadi
I want to buy : NaoH
Contact Person : [US] Paul Smith
I want to buy : Agricultural, Automobile, Textile, Footwears
Contact Person : [UK] Lawrence B.
I want to buy : rig, equipments, machines, tools, services, products, fluid, steel, materials, metals, systems
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