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Category >> Energy And Raw Material

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Contact Person : [TW] 蔡慧文
I want to buy : Remelted lead ingots, secondary lead ingots, recycled lead ingots
Contact Person : [MY] Kamal Hashim
I want to buy : oil and gas, fertilizer
Contact Person : [CN] Tony Lee
I want to buy : permeability, tensile, friction, stripping test, peel tester, thickness tester, leak tester, seal strength, seal test, adhesive test, headspace gas, tearing tester, impact test, fogging tester, gas permeability, water permeability, flexible package, testing instruments
Contact Person : [CN] clark liu
I want to buy : grind, steel balls, forged, casting, balls, balls of steel , ball mill, hot rolling, grinding, grinding media, mine, cement, industry, grinding media ball, ball steel, forged balls, ball mill
Contact Person : [CZ] Jiri Sommer
I want to buy : pipe
Contact Person : [UG] Henry kaliisa
I want to buy : dvd-r , 16X, cd
Contact Person : [ID] Amrifan S Mohruni
I want to buy : machining, measuring
Contact Person : [US] Paul Smith
I want to buy : Agricultural, Automobile, Textile, Footwears
Contact Person : [UK] Lawrence B.
I want to buy : rig, equipments, machines, tools, services, products, fluid, steel, materials, metals, systems
Contact Person : [CN] johnson liu
I want to buy : coal
Contact Person : [US] Cho
I want to buy : General Trading/Supplies
Contact Person : [CN] Patrick.Wong
I want to buy : sebs, sbs
Contact Person : [CN] jessica jiang
I want to buy : plastic, raw material
Contact Person : [VE] MANUEL CESTARI
I want to buy : edible oils, vegetable oils, iron ore, Fuels, Electric Generators, sugar, HMS , Used Rails, UREA, Gold, COAL, Cement
Contact Person : [CN] Selina Chen
I want to buy : bipv, solar module, solar panel, solar lamp, led light, solar garden light, solar light, screen protector, clear protector, matte film, Mirror film, privacy film
Contact Person : [CH] Yannick BERNARD
I want to buy : smocke detector, stoves, solar lamps, garden furnuiture, solar panel, boiler
Contact Person : [CN] Mavy Zhou
I want to buy : Asphalt, Carbon coal, petroleum coke , sulfur.
Contact Person : [CN] James Ming
I want to buy : iron ore, iron scraps, steel scraps, nickle ore, mill scales
Contact Person : [IN] sanjaykumar
I want to buy : dc inverters, on/off grid solar system
Contact Person : [CN] WILSON
I want to buy : drill, TOOL
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