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Category >> Energy And Raw Material

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Contact Person : [US] emily richards
I want to buy : gold, silver, diamond, dvd, radio, beverages, clothing, television, iphones, ipods, electronics, furniture, desktop, computers, laptors, aliminum, electronic cigars, wood, shoes, textiles
Contact Person : [IN] Sam Dovey
I want to buy : minerals
Contact Person : [CN] Rein Zheng
I want to buy : scrap, iron ore, nickel ore, chromite ore, ferro chrome, coal
Contact Person : [MD] Teodor Chistol
I want to buy : sunflower oil, rapeseed, metals, steam coal, edible oil, bio-diesel, petroleum, refined, refined, crude oil, palm oil, non-refined, agent, grain, industrial, bottles, trade, beans, urea, bulk
Contact Person : [US] nelchady franky
I want to buy : chemicals, machinery online, machinery parts, energy and raw materials
Contact Person : [SG] Jacelyn Kok
I want to buy : Machines, Food, Seafood
Contact Person : [CN] Dung.Robert
I want to buy : Pole
Contact Person : [NG] Dr. G. A. Elendu
I want to buy : Pumps, Compressors, Valves, Heat Exchangers, Drilling -Fluids | Chemicals, Security Equipment, Safety Equipment, Inhibitors, Drilling Bits, Pigging Survey Equipment, NDT Equipment
Contact Person : [CN] Benita Xie
I want to buy : pe granule, hdpe, ldpe
Contact Person : [CH] Marc Jones
I want to buy : bedshheet fabrics, suiting fabrics, shirting fabrics
Contact Person : [UK] Michael Bernard
I want to buy : Resin
Contact Person : [US] Allen Landes
I want to buy : Food Packaging Machine, lifting machine, Tea colour sorter machine , Industrial Ventilating Fan, Potato Slicing Machine, Surgical Blades, Fermenting machine, spray car wash, Lifting Clutch, Heavy Duty Chain Sharpener, Sweeper Brushes, pen, Concrete Mixer , Concrete pump, Kitchen Waste Deodorization, door bell, Plastic machinery controller, Bakery Machines, Rubber Mixing Machine, solar fan
Contact Person : [CN] Lisazhang
I want to buy : ferroniobium, VN Alloy
Contact Person : [CN] Katherine
I want to buy : plastic, raw material , PC, PP , recycled hdpe flakes , PE 100, HDPE , LDPE , LLDPE
Contact Person : [US] louis martins
I want to buy : sporting goods, appeal, farming tools
Contact Person : [US] Alfred Winchester
I want to buy : Telecommunications, Minerals, Metals, Steel, Industrial Equipments, Agricultura Products, Chemicals, Electrical Equipments
Contact Person : [CN] Jimmy Bai
I want to buy : HVAC parts
Contact Person : [US] Malcolm Feldman
I want to buy : wire, pipe
Contact Person : [] M. Quaters
I want to buy : TX, WF, OS, os, te, sw
Contact Person : [MY] Mohammad Razak
I want to buy : garment, shoes, solar, chairs, machines, safety, industiral
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