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Category >> Energy And Raw Material

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Contact Person : [TW] vicky liu
I want to buy : LDPE, HDPE, PVB, PVC
Contact Person : [] Lousi Micheal
I want to buy : automobiles, steel, architecture, energy and raw materials
Contact Person : [TW] 張兆禎
I want to buy : 人造膠, 天然膠, 化學藥品
Contact Person : [UK] Cindy
I want to buy : pipe, dryer, iron, net, steel, stainless, tools, mould, freezer, doors, car part, bike, rope, boat, chair, laptop, metal, electrical, chemicals, fashsion
Contact Person : [CN] Jessy Chen
I want to buy : pump
Contact Person : [US] Slogan Matthew
I want to buy : Solar, Energy, Agricullture, Furniture, Fashion
Contact Person : [ZA] Jim Walker
I want to buy : equipments, machines, building material, processing, engineering, extrussion, recycling, building, precision, mining, building, recovering, training, education, wood, hospital, farming, environment, recycling, chemical
Contact Person : [CN] george
I want to buy : copy paper , gifts , garments
Contact Person : [CN] bennyye
I want to buy : solar cells, cell, monocrystalline, polycrystalline
Contact Person : [SA] nader
I want to buy : soundproof, foam, steel, sound tratment
Contact Person : [IN] Ms. Punam Chauhan
I want to buy : PUMPS
Contact Person : [EG] Essam farag
I want to buy : plastic recycling
Contact Person : [CN] Gauss.Feng
I want to buy : Iron oxide
Contact Person : [IR] Mohammad Nekoueifard
I want to buy : Polysulphide sealant, silicon sealant, ig sealant, office documents, Instrumentation, sport shoes, frozen meat
Contact Person : [CN] 唐志军
I want to buy : Metal materials, Metal materials, Metal materials, Metal materials, Stainless steel plate, Stainless steel plate, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, silicon steel, brass, silicon steel, brass, aluminum tube, aluminum tube, aluminum belt, aluminum belt, aluminum belt, aluminum belt, aluminum belt·, belt, aluminum belt, aluminum belt
Contact Person : [US] Sundeep Kumar
I want to buy : apparel, apparel
Contact Person : [MY] David Ivory
I want to buy : telecommunications, heavy equipments, electricals, metals
Contact Person : [MY] Jeffrey
I want to buy : wastewater, water, bio strings, bio cord, bio media, bio packing, river water treatment, river water media, vacuum evaporator, wastewater evaporator, ecotecno
Contact Person : [DK] Jonna Pedersen
I want to buy : Saponin-containing
Contact Person : [NE] Sachet Ivon
I want to buy : Manufacturing, Sellers, Buyers, Importers, Exporters
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