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Category >> Chemicals

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Contact Person : [PK] S.A.Mughal
I want to buy : Dental Material, Hospital supplies, Photo goods, Optical goods, Cosmetic goods, general goods, Mobile phones, Electronic goods, Industrial lsupplies, Raw Material, Sex aids items, computer hardware, stationery goods, Hardware items, Garments & cloths, Decoration items
Contact Person : [CN] Zhang Junying
I want to buy : mica powder, mica tape, mica plate, pearl pigment, muscovite mica powder, synthetic mica tape, indigo, sulphur black, ultramarine blue, sericite mica powder, titanium dioxdie, wet ground mica powder, dry ground mica powder, rigid mica plate, glass fiber mica tape, titanium dioxide rutile, titanium dioxide anatase
Contact Person : [CN] Lisha T
I want to buy : Fire-Proof Grains
Contact Person : [CH] Pero princip
I want to buy : Vessels, Tanks
Contact Person : [CN] Linda
I want to buy : lithopone, zinc oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, pentaerythritol, carbon black, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid
Contact Person : [ID] Michael Thang
I want to buy : PEG 400, Butyl Cellosove, IPA, EVA Resin, PVC Resin
Contact Person : [UK] Garten
I want to buy : telecoms, electronic controlers, batteries, electric motors, drivelines, plastic moulds
Contact Person : [TR] Seref Catal
I want to buy : medical paper
Contact Person : [CN] Jenrry
I want to buy : chemicals, oxide, salt, alkali, inorganic, organic
Contact Person : [IN] Anil kumar
I want to buy : steam coal, HMS, Aluminium scrap, sulphur, cement
Contact Person : [CN] miranda
I want to buy : film scrap
Contact Person : [ID] Eveline Mamangkey
I want to buy : Tackifier
Contact Person : [MY] Bakhril Mohd Nuri
I want to buy : Valves, Instrumentation, Subsea products, Drilling equipment, Anti corrossion, Pumps, Rotating equipment, OIl & Gas, Petrochemical, Electrical, Motor, Ship, Marine, Tools, Pipes, Plates, Compressor, Hydraulic, Lubricant, Machine
Contact Person : [IR] Katayoun Monshi
I want to buy : Glass Ionomer, resin modified , hydroxyapatite
Contact Person : [CN] zhanglong
I want to buy : pac, stpp, SHMP, ZINC OXIDE, titanium dioxide, lithopone, formic acid, glacial acetic acid, iron oxide, oxalic acid, stearic acid, cautic soda, soda ash, aluminium sulphate, carbon black
Contact Person : [CN] Ellen
I want to buy : formic acid, sulphur black, stearic acid, zinc oxide, carbon black, zinc oxide, iron oxide red, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, 6-Hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid, sodium sulfate anhydrous, Soda ash., Caustic Soda Flake
Contact Person : [CN] sophy
I want to buy : formic acid, lithopone, aluminium sulphate, zinc oxide, oxalic acid , sulfer black, iron oxide, sodium tripoly phosphate
Contact Person : [CN] Tom Shi
I want to buy : Titanium dioxide, iron oxide
Contact Person : [CN] joan wang
I want to buy : rubber scrap
Contact Person : [CN] Marco Xu
I want to buy : Toluene diisocyanate
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