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Category >> Chemicals

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Contact Person : [IN] Anil Kumar
I want to buy : Packaging material, Chemicals, API
Contact Person : [MY] Mo Hagh
I want to buy : Sodium Cynaide
Contact Person : [BD] A.Z.M.Zakaria
I want to buy : aluminium foil, aluminium foil with 0.068mm thickness
Contact Person : [IN] S.PURUSHOTHAMAN
I want to buy : Hydrogen peroxide 50%
Contact Person : [CN] Elaine Zhang
I want to buy : propylene
Contact Person : [IQ] Danish zUHDI
I want to buy : Building Materials , Building Materials , Building Materials , Building Materials , Building Materials
Contact Person : [US] Son Van Phan
I want to buy : Urea, Cement, Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Corn
Contact Person : [IN] Shrikant Naik
I want to buy : Dimer Acid, EHA, Bisphenol A, PTBP
Contact Person : [PK] Faheem Anwer
I want to buy : Acrylic Resin, Alkyd Resin, Titanium Dioxide, Additives, Pigments, Dyes, Solvents
Contact Person : [CN] Yeung Dick Fai
I want to buy : Ball mill machine
Contact Person : [IN] Mayur Lad
I want to buy : Titanium, Ammonium chloride, Gilsonite, tma, soda ash, acrylic acid
Contact Person : [MY] Samsun Paing
I want to buy : textiles, copper, metal sheet
Contact Person : [CN] ANZHOU
I want to buy : PHOSPHATE, diammonium phosphate, Monosodium phosphate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Trisodium Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate , Mono-Dicalcium Phosphate, Ferro Phosphorus, GRAPHITE, MICRO SILICA, SILICA FUME, MAP, monoammonium phosphate, Phosphoric Acid, ACID, phosphoric, chemical
Contact Person : [CN] May Hao
I want to buy : reprocessed ABS pellet, reprocessed PP pellet, reprocessed ABS granule, reprocessed PP granule, recycled ABS pellet, recycled PP pellet, recycled ABS granule, recycled PP granule, plastic scrap, stainless steel scrap
Contact Person : [CN] Katrina Zhou
I want to buy : high quality
Contact Person : [MU] mauntah sidick
I want to buy : raw materials
Contact Person : [IN] Ashok Soni
I want to buy : Thickeners, Binders
Contact Person : [LK] Dilan. Ilapperuma.
I want to buy : Plastics, synthetic rubber, precipitaed Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Reclaim Rubber, Sulphur, Stearic Acid, Rubber machinery
Contact Person : [CN] Sarah Liu
I want to buy : Hammer Union, Drilling Hose, Oil Hose
Contact Person : [HK] ZhangZhiFu
I want to buy : silicone products, silicone earbuds, silicone eartips, silicone kitchenware, silicone houseware, silicone bakeware, silicone keypads, Silicone kitchen utensils, Silicone mouse pads, Silicone infant wares, Liquid Silicone Rubber Products, LSR products, silicone protective case protector , silicone earphone case, Silicone insoles, Silicon Cooking Cups, Silicone cake mold, silicone ice tray, Silicon muffin cup, Silicone Steam Pot
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