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Contact Person : [MU] Prashane Gokhool
I want to buy : cooking oil, gold, flour, diamond, rice, powder milk, wood
Contact Person : [US] Mel Ilka
I want to buy : Pirespa, Pirfenidone, Esbriet
Contact Person : [CN] Peter.Lu
I want to buy : resin
Contact Person : [CN] Judia
I want to buy : Lithoone, titanium dioxide, aluminum sulfate, calcium chloride, formic acid, chrome oxide green, medium chrome yellow, permanent yellow G, phthalocyanine blue, phosporic acid, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Hydroxide, Oxalic Acid, Carbon Black, Pentaerythritol, Redlron Oxide, Glacial Acetic Acid, Zine Oxide, Carboxyl Methyl Celluiose, Red Lead
Contact Person : [CN] Gu
I want to buy : Dronedarone HCL, Posaconazole, Voriconazole, Daptomycin
Contact Person : [IN] Sandip Patil
I want to buy : Requirement of Deodorized Kerosene and Crude Benzene
Contact Person : [IN] D.Palanisamy
I want to buy : PVC Yollow colour with grip unsupported
Contact Person : [CN] maggie
I want to buy : formic acid, calcium formate, neopentyl glycol, sodium sulfate, sulphuric acid, barium chloride
Contact Person : [CN] kiara
I want to buy : resin, epoxy, solid, epoxy resin
Contact Person : [CN] Smith Yang
I want to buy : Pure Polyurea, Polyurea, Waterproof, Anticorrosion
Contact Person : [CN] Kelly Chen
I want to buy : ceramics resin, coating for textile, adhesive for textile
Contact Person : [US] bryan
I want to buy : EVA raw material, EVA granule, battery, AUTO Battery , Battery indicator, magic eyes, promotion gift, X'mas, gift
Contact Person : [CN] Snow Jiang
I want to buy : Ethylene Carbonate, propylene carbonate, ethyl methyl carbonate, dimethyl carbonate
Contact Person : [CN] mandy
I want to buy : oxalic acid , lithopone , titunium dioxide, zinc oxide, sodium hexametaphosphate, glacial acid , formic acid , sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium formate, calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, sulfur, carbon black, calcium chloride, calcium carbide, brucite, tourmalin, ganister sand, biotite, silica sand
Contact Person : [CN] Alice Liu
I want to buy : lithopone
Contact Person : [AE] Majid Khoshrou
I want to buy : industrial machine, wood working, panel saw, minialbs, computers, laser engraver, drywall screw, chemestary
Contact Person : [CN] sherry
I want to buy : zinc oxide , titanium dioxide, formic acid, caustic soda flakes, iron oxide, carbon black, LABSA, SLES, zinc sulphate
Contact Person : [CN] Sunny Liu
I want to buy : silicone mat
Contact Person : [CN] Tina Zhang
I want to buy : dialysis , PC, PU, PES , hollow fiber , MEDICAL USE
Contact Person : [TW] Joanna
I want to buy : rubber, plastic, textile, paint, coatings, ink, soap, tire
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