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Contact Person : [IN] Rakesh singh
I want to buy : electrical goods, yarn, fabric, winding machine
Contact Person : [UA] Michail Dragnev
I want to buy : pigments, PVC waterproof membranes, geotextile, waterproof coating, plywood, scaffolding, glass, mineral wool, radiator, PVC Stabilizer, PVC resin
Contact Person : [CN] Li Jun
I want to buy : 自行车, 自行车配件
Contact Person : [ZW] Takura
I want to buy : Computer, I.T, Toner, cartridge, 3G, modem, ink, satellite
Contact Person : [CN] LiaoMei
I want to buy : printing
Contact Person : [CA] Satwinder
I want to buy : hdd, mouse, power supply, case, cables, connectors, processors, motherboards, dvd drives, display cards, memory, ddr2, ddr3, printers, photocopiers, routers, adaptors, switches, speakers, dvd
Contact Person : [IL] Micha Hertzano
I want to buy : games, machinery for cardboard
Contact Person : [NG] AGG
I want to buy : laptop
Contact Person : [UK] Panagiotis Telonis
I want to buy : Internet Phone, U401-M, Metal, Ultra Slim, USB phone
Contact Person : [US] Ken Gasque
I want to buy : formula mixer
Contact Person : [PT] Rui Magalhães
I want to buy : Printing Head
Contact Person : [MM] htun htun
I want to buy : Standalone dvr
Contact Person : [GB] hamayun
I want to buy : Bleach board, other packaging board, Laptop, computer accessores, mobile phones
Contact Person : [US] Sue Vogan
I want to buy : stress balls, writing pens, laser pointers, stethescopes
Contact Person : [TH] Mark Ponisi
I want to buy : student response system, voting system
Contact Person : [UK] Daniel Ochonma
I want to buy : Telecommunication Equipments, Hardwares, Memory/Storage system, merchandazing
Contact Person : [YU] Kosana Starcevic
I want to buy : paper bags machine, post it machine, sticky note machine
Contact Person : [CN] 武超
I want to buy : 商业服务
Contact Person : [CN] Cathy Chen
I want to buy : GSM home alarm system, GSM car alarm, GPS tracker, self-defence devie, hidden DVR, robot vacuum cleaner, intelligent vacuum cleaner, surveillance device, smart vacuum cleaner, mini DVR, covert camera, video recorder, GSM security and surveillance system, IP camera, wireless internet , video glasses recorder, sunglasses DVR, GSM surveillance device, GSM home security alarm system, GSM home surveillance device
Contact Person : [FR] Aldo Bolognesi
I want to buy : cigarette filter
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