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Contact Person : [IN] sachin
I want to buy : teffeta label printing fabric, cotto teffeta fabric, cotton teffeta labels
Contact Person : [ZA] Jeff
I want to buy : Clay brick extruder, clay brick plant, ceramic tile plant, roof tile plant, clay brick line, roof tile machines, outdoor lcd display, block machine, cement pipe machine, sewage purification plant, water purifiers, water treatment
Contact Person : [US] Ali
I want to buy : panel pc, computer
Contact Person : [US] Fabio Carnasciali
I want to buy : Telecommunication, Green Transportation, Bicycle, Consumer Good, Appliances, Kitchen
Contact Person : [GB] Robert Kearney
I want to buy : print, decals
Contact Person : [PK] Fasahat Anwar
I want to buy : pest pheromones, Stationary items, Computer Items
Contact Person : [CA] Tamara
I want to buy : Security Labels
Contact Person : [PH] Leslie
I want to buy : printing machines, Textile, Bottles
Contact Person : [BD] Farhana Yasmin
I want to buy : Solvent Machine
Contact Person : [TH] thanapat
I want to buy : billboard, led, el light, premium, gift, trivision
Contact Person : [MY] Hanizah Ramli
I want to buy : islamic toys, islamic learning material, islamic apparel, islamic, muslim products
Contact Person : [NG] Mrs. Jackie Offiah
I want to buy : internet based cctv, windmill technology equipment, equipment for converting waste to energy, capacity building services, mechanised farming equipment, waste recycling equipment, palm oil processing machine
Contact Person : [AU] Pankaj Patel
I want to buy : luggage, magazines, computers, headphones, locks, blankets, pillows
Contact Person : [UK] Naveed Arshad
I want to buy : canola rapeseed, canola seed, hms1, hms2, used rails
Contact Person : [MY] Joyce Lam
I want to buy : premium gifts, gifts, bear, key chain, toys
Contact Person : [KW] Ahmed Shaikh
I want to buy : Generators, Turbo Chargers, Spare Parts
Contact Person : [IN] Lalit ameta
I want to buy : cd/dvd replication machine
Contact Person : [CN] Andy yang
I want to buy : printing machine, packaging machine, paper cutter, office equipment
Contact Person : [US] Jon Rosen
I want to buy : magazines, dvd, adult, digests, stickers, magazine paks, packs, magazine packs, remainders
Contact Person : [SY] Hayf'a M. Ali
I want to buy : Cameras, VTRs, Lighting, Tripods, Bags, Mixers, NLE, CCTV
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