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Contact Person : [UK] brain
I want to buy : chemical
Contact Person : [ZW] Lovemore
I want to buy : roland xc 540
Contact Person : [BR] Mr. Pablo Mendez
I want to buy : AAC, panels, portable heavy machinery, Lime sand, fixing, portable crusher plant, Al foam, crushers, sand, granite, brick, diamonds tools
Contact Person : [CG] sb associés
I want to buy : Home deco, Construction Material, equipment
Contact Person : [CL] rogelio vera
I want to buy : voip, router, antennas, computers, access point
Contact Person : [US] Jesson Iglesias
I want to buy : Art, Sciene, Media, Design, Supplies, Build, Concept, Light, Len, New, , Business, Decorate, Sew
Contact Person : [IN] Siddhartha Somana
I want to buy : Slumped Glass, Plates, Bowls, Shot glasses, Mugs
Contact Person : [HK] JUDY CHAN
I want to buy : golf ball , golf bag , polo shirt , cap , baby clothes, baby products
Contact Person : [PK] Rashad Khan
I want to buy : Galvanized Steel, HVAC Units, Computers, Heavy Mechanicals, Machinery, Electronics, Civil Tools, Electrical Tools
Contact Person : [BD] H.N. Barmma
I want to buy : CD, DVD, Machine, Textile
Contact Person : [EG] Dr. Hisham Ali
I want to buy : surgical gloves, disposable gloves, latix gloves, examination glovesFull production system
Contact Person : [CN] lilly
I want to buy : office supplies, wood and furniture, textile, clothing, shoes, leisure, leather, sports, machine, metal, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical
Contact Person : [BY] Andrew Morozoff
I want to buy : lamps, energy saving lamp, LED lamps, dry batteries, lead acid battery, flashlights, LED, dvd disk, charger for battery
Contact Person : [MU] Prashane Gokhool
I want to buy : cooking oil, gold, flour, diamond, rice, powder milk, wood
Contact Person : [IR] Mohammad kaghazi veyjoyeh
I want to buy : oated duplex board with grey back
Contact Person : [PH] Judith Abad
I want to buy : cd, packaging
Contact Person : [BE] Thierry Botten
I want to buy : album, cover, machine, uv, coater, lamination, pvc, wedding, album
Contact Person : [SV] eduardo campos
I want to buy : rb-0100
Contact Person : [IN] vishnu
I want to buy : duplexboard, kraftpaper, recycled kraft, grey board, coated duplex, grey coated, white coated, speciality paper, kraft liner
Contact Person : [CA] Joseph Chen
I want to buy : Electronics, Computer, Appartus, Hardware, Furniture, Energy, Shoes, Transportation, Telecommunication, Jewellery, Sports, Equipment, Office Supplies, Chemical, Luggage, Franchise, Industrial equipment, Medical, Gift, Beauty Supplies
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