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Category >> Electronic And Electrical

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Contact Person : [UK] sandra
I want to buy : led light, nail, chemical, rice, hand bag, gold
Contact Person : [CN] connie Lau
I want to buy : video door phone, video intercom, video door entry
Contact Person : [CN] Kelly
I want to buy : led
Contact Person : [NG] Daniel Uzor
I want to buy : lightings
Contact Person : [CN] 胡春雷
I want to buy : 硅橡胶管, 配件壳, 高温线
Contact Person : [TW] 洪聖峰
I want to buy : 傳動產品, 電子設備
Contact Person : [SV] Humberto Gomez
I want to buy : tv main board, flyback transformer, integrated circutis, led strips
Contact Person : [GH] zath rosa
I want to buy : wigs, phone, pipe, shoes, lamps, computers, air freshners, fans, office chairs, furniture, fuse, air conditioners, dvd player, television, electric cables, doors, pumping machine, electronic spare parts, jerseys, speakers
Contact Person : [ZA] shimon barak
I want to buy : plasma t.v, doors, windowns, clothings, computer, camera, furniture
Contact Person : [CN] AVEE LAW
I want to buy : led, PCB, aluminum frame, light-guide plate, diffuser plate
Contact Person : [CN] VenusCheng
I want to buy : mouse, gift mouse, optical mouse, laser mouse, wireless mouse, wired mouse, 2.4G mouse, portable speaker, loud speaker, headphone, headset, usb flash driver, usb flash distick, card reader, usb hub, usb speaker, computer mouse, keyboard, mini keyboard, usb mouse
Contact Person : [IN] Ajit Soman
I want to buy : microSDcards, Vacuum frying machine, Automatic Temp. Controller.
Contact Person : [US] Slogan Matthew
I want to buy : Solar, Energy, Agricullture, Furniture, Fashion
Contact Person : [SA] Saad
I want to buy : toys, furniture, electronics, equimpment, houseware, kitchenware, airconditions, liquidation, stock
Contact Person : [IN] Digamber
I want to buy : punch former
Contact Person : [ZA] Jim Walker
I want to buy : equipments, machines, building material, processing, engineering, extrussion, recycling, building, precision, mining, building, recovering, training, education, wood, hospital, farming, environment, recycling, chemical
Contact Person : [CN] xu
I want to buy : lcd screen, touch screen, flex cable, shell, case, charges
Contact Person : [CN] Jimmy Xu
I want to buy : lcd screen, touch screen, flex cable, shell, case, earphone, charges, protect case, protect parts, mobile phone accessories
Contact Person : [NG] malcolm ferguson
I want to buy : stabilizers, switches, transformers
Contact Person : [SE] Jacob Edu
I want to buy : mp3
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