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Category >> Electronic And Electrical

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Contact Person : [CN] Elva Cai
I want to buy : electronics components, ICS, module, processor, memory, diode, sensor, transistor, capacitor, resistor, resonator, relay
Contact Person : [CM] FOTSO TEGHO
I want to buy : ABNSYSTEM8002
Contact Person : [CN] Amini Cheng
I want to buy : LED tube
Contact Person : [CN] Jimmy Tan
I want to buy : headrest monitor, dash mount, roof mount, headrest DVD, mirrior monitor, rear view mirror monitor, rearview camera, reverse parking camera, dashboard, car TV, car video, TV stand, taxi headrest monitor, lcd moduel, dvd play for car, ceiling monitor, flipdown monitor, overhead monitor, mini lip mout camera, dash monitor
Contact Person : [TR] Barbaros Tuemus
I want to buy : style, office, house
Contact Person : [AE] Ahmed Noor
I want to buy : laptops, cpu, printers, lcd led monitors, lcd plasma tv, cordless phones, cctv, access control
Contact Person : [IN] Deepak
I want to buy : hand tols
Contact Person : [CN] Simon He
I want to buy : bridge rectifier, rectifier , diode rectifier, single phase bridge rectifier diode, three phases diode rectifier , power module, module, AC-DC rectifier, IGBT , SCR, KBPC , GBPC, GBJ, GBU, KBJ, MDS, INVERTERING WELDING, inverting , electric oven, charger
Contact Person : [CN] Tiny
I want to buy : dram
Contact Person : [UK] STEVEN ALLEN
I want to buy : canned foods, cosmetics, hairs, electricals
Contact Person : [OM] 0096892999399
I want to buy : electrical scooter
Contact Person : [DK] Mounir Bouazar
I want to buy : FMCG, Non food products, kitchenware, household appliances, destocking products, home decoration, bazaar
Contact Person : [EG] mohamed
I want to buy : micro sd card, memory card
Contact Person : [TW] F.C. Hsuen
I want to buy : Battery
Contact Person : [IT] Giuseppe
I want to buy : battery repair
Contact Person : [CN] Ella Mak
I want to buy : speaker unit
Contact Person : [VE] Francisco Antonio Villarroel
I want to buy : cellphones, desktops, laptops, monitors, phones
Contact Person : [UK] Chloewang
I want to buy : bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth stereo headset, bluetooth mono headset, GPS navigator, GPS tracker
Contact Person : [ES] BRIAN COPE
I want to buy : Air-conditioning, Led ilumination, Solar panels, Solar energy Inverters, Solar energy storage batteries, Dry/gel batteries
Contact Person : [IR] Mehran Seddigh Gharib
I want to buy : digital camera, notebook, laptop, tablet, cell phone, mobile phone, dslr camera, digital slr
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