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Category >> Architecture And Construction

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Contact Person : [CN] Flora Guo
I want to buy : double sided tape, aluminum foil tape , cloth tape , metallized PP tape, adhesive tape, kraft pape tape, bag sealing tape, fiberglass tape, filament tape, hot melt cloth duct tape, masking tape for car painting, UV resistant masking tape, double sided tissue, double sided opp tape, double sided cloth tape, double sided foam tape, BOPP packing tape, packing material, masking tape , packaging tape
Contact Person : [CN] Eric
I want to buy : glass wool, rock wool
Contact Person : [TW] Joanna
I want to buy : rubber, plastic, textile, paint, coatings, ink, soap, tire
Contact Person : [CN] Dora zhang
I want to buy : nails, screw, hardware tools
Contact Person : [NG] Frank Manakan.
I want to buy : Agric, Energy, Commerce, Machinery
Contact Person : [CN] Chunjie Hua
I want to buy : steel plate, round steel bar
Contact Person : [CN] Michelle Lee
I want to buy : gi, ppgi, prepainted
Contact Person : [CN] Kathy Hu
I want to buy : plastic injection mold, rapid tooling, injection molding, mold making, die casting mold, metal stamping, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, molding, mold design, OEM mold maker
Contact Person : [IN] vipul
I want to buy : wash basin, toilet, orissa pan, urinal, pedestal wash basin, pvc plasting fittings., wall tiles, floor tiles, vitrified, parking tiles, bath room fitting tiles, kitchen concept tiles.
Contact Person : [MY] fadi bathich
I want to buy : scrap battery
Contact Person : [GR] Bengt Svedberg
I want to buy : as 1712, shower suana cabin
Contact Person : [PK] muhayyuddin
I want to buy : sports, wood, wood charcoal
Contact Person : [IN] vijayakumar
I want to buy : commercial plywood, wood
Contact Person : [CN] daniell_liu
I want to buy : float glass, PVB film
Contact Person : [CN] sunny
I want to buy : scaffolding , caster, ladder
Contact Person : [TW] Korn Hsu
I want to buy : Beech Lumber
Contact Person : [CN] Shao
I want to buy : machinery
Contact Person : [IQ] Danish zUHDI
I want to buy : Building Materials , Building Materials , Building Materials , Building Materials , Building Materials
Contact Person : [CN] Joy Ha
I want to buy : tools, hand tools, spanner, wrench, striking offset box wrench, double open end wrench, adjustable spanner, pliers, file, shovel, ball peen hammer, pipe wrench, pinch bar, tool set, ratchet wrench, socket, hook wrench, screwdriver, sledge hammer, bung wrench
Contact Person : [CN] ANZHOU
I want to buy : PHOSPHATE, diammonium phosphate, Monosodium phosphate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Trisodium Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate , Mono-Dicalcium Phosphate, Ferro Phosphorus, GRAPHITE, MICRO SILICA, SILICA FUME, MAP, monoammonium phosphate, Phosphoric Acid, ACID, phosphoric, chemical
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