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Category >> Architecture And Construction

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Contact Person : [US] CJ
I want to buy : Anchors, Fasteners, Hardware
Contact Person : [AE] Harish c
I want to buy : P V A homopolymer
Contact Person : [AU] Andrew Steele
I want to buy : Spring, Separator
Contact Person : [CN] lilly
I want to buy : office supplies, wood and furniture, textile, clothing, shoes, leisure, leather, sports, machine, metal, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical
Contact Person : [CN] wu
I want to buy : 电缆生产设备
Contact Person : [US] Preston Staffon
I want to buy : Electronics, engines
Contact Person : [MU] Prashane Gokhool
I want to buy : cooking oil, gold, flour, diamond, rice, powder milk, wood
Contact Person : [PH] daniel tan
I want to buy : marble
Contact Person : [CN] Loop Chen
I want to buy : steel structure
Contact Person : [CN] steven zhu
I want to buy : hose
Contact Person : [NG] Robin
I want to buy : huit
Contact Person : [NG] Otemuyiwa Babatunde Isaac
I want to buy : t, j
Contact Person : [CN] Daniel Chen
I want to buy : showerhead
Contact Person : [TW] Lu Ying Ying
I want to buy : Steel Plate A572 Gr50
Contact Person : [CN] Mr.liu
I want to buy : bag , shoe, furniture, clothing, handicrafts, electronics
Contact Person : [CN] Fiona
I want to buy : pebble, cultured stone, quartz sand, color sand, stone carving, landscape stone, mushroom stone, quartz stone, cobble stone, crystal stone, ball stone, construction materials, construction stone, construcitve and decorative stone, garden decorative stone, natural and artificial stone
Contact Person : [US] peter pun
I want to buy : PET scrap, plastic scrap, food , wood products, building material
Contact Person : [CN] Song ZHANG
I want to buy : hotel supplies, silica power
Contact Person : [CN] Mark
I want to buy : solar water heater, solar collector, panel solar, water heater, water heating, flat solar collector, solar boiler, solar hot water, hot water , solarwaterheater, flat solar, water heating system, solar system, solar energy, solar tank, geyser, solar hot water, heater, boiler, water tank
Contact Person : [AE] Majid Khoshrou
I want to buy : industrial machine, wood working, panel saw, minialbs, computers, laser engraver, drywall screw, chemestary
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