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Category >> Food And Other Related Products

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Contact Person : [BH] salman mubarak
I want to buy : edible oil, sugar 45, basmati rice
Contact Person : [CN] Bruce
I want to buy : packaging films, food , packaging bags, aluminium foil bag
Contact Person : [ET] zemenu fiseha
I want to buy : foodstuffs
Contact Person : [TW] Eleora Lin
I want to buy : maltodextrin, yeast extract
Contact Person : [CN] Fiona
I want to buy : pebble, cultured stone, quartz sand, color sand, stone carving, landscape stone, mushroom stone, quartz stone, cobble stone, crystal stone, ball stone, construction materials, construction stone, construcitve and decorative stone, garden decorative stone, natural and artificial stone
Contact Person : [ID] Yan Jayanata
I want to buy : tea, black tea, green tea
Contact Person : [NG] Ikenna Okorafor
I want to buy : canned sardine, canned tomato, canned food, Baby foods
Contact Person : [BR] Gustavo Salomao
I want to buy : vending machines, coffee machines, cups, led tube light, coin validators, bill validators, coin sorter, bill counter, lcd diplay, digital signage
Contact Person : [TH] Panshita Jitsiriphanich
I want to buy : mackerel, Frozen, Food, Seafood, indian mackerel, blue scad, round scad, sanma
Contact Person : [MY] Md.Anarul Islam
I want to buy : Meat, Alcoholic products, Fruits, Vegetables,, Poultry Product, Dairy Products, Seafood
Contact Person : [TH] charin rattana
I want to buy : RFID TAG, Food Traceability, Neo Tag, Temperature Logger, active tag, cold chain, supply chain, neo rfid
Contact Person : [IN] amit jain
I want to buy : caffeine, natural caffeine, tea caffeine, coffein, caffein
Contact Person : [US] Jerry Cochern
I want to buy : herbs, algaes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutraceuticals, fruit concentrates, vegetable concentrates
Contact Person : [CA] Larry Gomex
I want to buy : chemical, agriculture and livestock, beauty and household
Contact Person : [TR] Kadir Ilkay Yalcin
I want to buy : desert, spice, tea, pepper, ravioli, manti, macaroni, thyme, mint, sumac, cocount, cinnamon, pimento, curry, cumin, carbonate, clove, susame, flour, linden
Contact Person : [CA] Joseph Chen
I want to buy : Electronics, Computer, Appartus, Hardware, Furniture, Energy, Shoes, Transportation, Telecommunication, Jewellery, Sports, Equipment, Office Supplies, Chemical, Luggage, Franchise, Industrial equipment, Medical, Gift, Beauty Supplies
Contact Person : [CN] TIGER YAO
I want to buy : Food packaging
Contact Person : [ZW] Kumbirai Ruwuya
I want to buy : ice cream mixer, ice cream maker, ice cream dispenser
Contact Person : [CN] michelle tang
I want to buy : rice , grape, orange
Contact Person : [NG] haidar zein
I want to buy : canned sardine, margarine
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