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Category >> Food And Other Related Products

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Contact Person : [IN] NILESH BORSANIA
I want to buy : Electronic Items, Household Items, Electric, Plastic Scrap, Brass Scrap, Aluminium Scrap
Contact Person : [US] emily richards
I want to buy : gold, silver, diamond, dvd, radio, beverages, clothing, television, iphones, ipods, electronics, furniture, desktop, computers, laptors, aliminum, electronic cigars, wood, shoes, textiles
Contact Person : [BJ] Isaac
I want to buy : Rice, Edible oil, Frozen Fish, Frozen Chicken, Sugar, Spaghetti, Tomatoes Paste, Cann Fish, Apple Fruits, Grape Fruits, Beverages, Cann Beer, Fruit Juice, Wine, Energy Drinks, Dry Fish, Stock Fish, Baby Foods, Pasat, Bread Flour
Contact Person : [GH] Gary
I want to buy : Rice
Contact Person : [UK] Johan
I want to buy : wines, wine bottles, wine bags, wine openers, wine corks
Contact Person : [MD] Teodor Chistol
I want to buy : sunflower oil, rapeseed, metals, steam coal, edible oil, bio-diesel, petroleum, refined, refined, crude oil, palm oil, non-refined, agent, grain, industrial, bottles, trade, beans, urea, bulk
Contact Person : [SG] Jacelyn Kok
I want to buy : Machines, Food, Seafood
Contact Person : [ID] Jennifer Lu
I want to buy : Pharmaceutical, Cholesterol Medications, Hormones (female and male), A Range of medical Devices, Antibiotics, Lung infection medications, Optical components, Infant formulations, Health products
Contact Person : [MY] Evon Lee
I want to buy : meat, fruits, vegetables, poultry, seafood, pastry, dim sum, Chinese specialities, groceries, beverage, tobacco
Contact Person : [VN] Nguyen Chau Phong
I want to buy : Grain, Rice, fishmeal, Coconut, cocoa, charcoal, Cashew nut, chitin, Beans, crap shell, Fruit, shrimp shell
Contact Person : [US] Mr Wallace Hoskins
I want to buy : Furniture, Machine, Household, Electronics, Leather
Contact Person : [CN] helen lee
I want to buy : material
Contact Person : [] mark
I want to buy : auto parts, daiper
Contact Person : [BJ] Sam Ijere
I want to buy : Yellow Croaker fish, Tilapia Whole Round, Mackerel Whole Round, Bonito Whole Round, Frozen Chicken, Frozen turkey, Tuna Whole Round, Apple, Canned Fish, Galic, Ginger, Tomatos, Canned Food
Contact Person : [BJ] Amiee grants
I want to buy : canned food, biscuit, bread, soap, detergent, garment, marble, granites, towels, bedsheets, vegetable oil, cooking oil, basmati rice
Contact Person : [US] Alfred Winchester
I want to buy : Telecommunications, Minerals, Metals, Steel, Industrial Equipments, Agricultura Products, Chemicals, Electrical Equipments
Contact Person : [AE] shahul hameed
I want to buy : latex gloves, vinyl gloves, net mob cap, apron, face mask, PP shoe cover, forage hat, doilies, cake cup, paper cup, plastic clear cup, micro container, plastic spoon 6.5, plastic knife, plastic fork, tooth pick, strew, foam cup, cake box, sandwich paper
Contact Person : [] M. Quaters
I want to buy : TX, WF, OS, os, te, sw
Contact Person : [VN] Brenty Van
I want to buy : dry herbal, filter paper, label, tape
Contact Person : [BR] Anderson Sina
I want to buy : coffee, cosmetic, instantcoffee
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