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Contact Person : [ZA] stven wortricjh
I want to buy : motorcycle, chairs, plastic
Contact Person : [US] sinya
I want to buy : hair, shampoo, chairs, earrings
Contact Person : [PK] Zeshan Shaukayy
I want to buy : Dialyzers, Blood tubing lines, AV Fistula needles, Dialysis caheter, dialysis machines, dialysis solution
Contact Person : [ZA] Peter Eichenberger
I want to buy : Machinery/Machine Tools and Equipment., Green Products, Alternative Power Supplyes, H2O Combustion Engen Modifications
Contact Person : [CN] minjie
I want to buy : plasma product, vaccine, recombinant product
Contact Person : [TW] Sindy Han
I want to buy : hose, tube, implant, diode laser, laser, bone graft, membrane, engine, motor, handpiece
Contact Person : [AE] keshav Bharadwaj
I want to buy : sod hexa meta phosphate, trisodium phosphate, Talc, barium chloride, tetra sodium pyrophosphate, pigment colurs, molybednum sulphate, tolytriozol, gluteraldehyde, DBPNA, sod dichloro isocynate, trichloro isocynate, cal hypo chlorite, sod chlorite, phos acid, phos pentaoxide, solvents, activated carbon
Contact Person : [SA] Shafeeq A Chaduhary
I want to buy : Energy saving switch, PABX, Multiline caller ID , Line recording system, Hotel Door lock management, Bio Time & attendance, CCTV
Contact Person : [CN] Sergey Gofman
I want to buy : Isolated Soy Protein, Resin, Carton, Stearic Acid, Hypochlorite Calcium, Natural hair, Castor Oil, PVC
Contact Person : [UK] clinton
I want to buy : Jatropha Palm Oil
Contact Person : [PH] george sarkis
I want to buy : flexo printing
Contact Person : [CM] Ngassa Lauran
I want to buy : mineral waters, canned foods, T shirts, mobile phones, Laptops, cosmetics, beauty products, Dvd players, cleaning products, stain removers
Contact Person : [MY] N L Phang
I want to buy : Madecassic acid 95%, Centella asiatica extract
Contact Person : [BD] Saedur Rahman
I want to buy : Autorefrectometer
Contact Person : [NZ] Greg Wilson
I want to buy : electric motorcycles, solar panels, inverters, electric bikes, solar heating, solar water heating
Contact Person : [SG] Giyoke Tseng
I want to buy : Home Appliance, Consumer, Health, Car Vehicle
Contact Person : [NG] Apex Consultant Agency Ltd
I want to buy : General Products,
Contact Person : [IN] C Ramalingam
I want to buy : Oil Water Separator
Contact Person : [PK] Amanullah Khurshid
I want to buy : ak012, ak013, ak014, ak015, ak016, ak017, ak018, ak019
Contact Person : [IN] Naga
I want to buy : Herbal
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