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Category >> Beauty And Household

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Contact Person : [UK] Lawrence B.
I want to buy : rig, equipments, machines, tools, services, products, fluid, steel, materials, metals, systems
Contact Person : [US] Cho
I want to buy : General Trading/Supplies
Contact Person : [ES] Camilo
I want to buy : raw materials and other purchaing others as the market may turn
Contact Person : [CN] abby
I want to buy : scarf, hat, cap
Contact Person : [CN] Hugo
I want to buy : hair , hair extension, hair product, hair care, human hair, remy hair, wig, lace wig, synstic wig, hair bulk, hair material, hair weft, skin weft, prebonded hair, hair crystal, feather hair, feather hair extension, hair tool, hair straighter, hair connector
Contact Person : [JP] Becky Sawada
I want to buy : plastic container for cosmetics, bird nest, facial mask, fitflop, plastic bottole, chinese herbs, Placenta, royal jelly
Contact Person : [CN] Charles Wang
I want to buy : Various raw materials, Cosmetics, Articles of luxury, Petroleum products, High technology & Advanced products
Contact Person : [CN] Yuan Chen
I want to buy : human hair extensions, remy humen hair , clip in hair , clip on hair, skin weft hair extensions, i-tip human hair extensions, nail-tip remy human hair, U-tip human hair extensions, hair weft, loop hair extensions, micro ring human hair, hair bulk, hair clips , pre-bonded hair extensions, hair wigs , hair accessories, make up, cosmetics, beauty products
Contact Person : [US]
I want to buy : wedding, tiara, veil, bridal, swarovski, gown, necklace set, headpiece
Contact Person : [MY] Wong Wai King
I want to buy : halal food, halal products, seaweed, food ingredients, food agents, raw material, dairy products, agar-agar, algae, gelatin, carrageenan, cosmetics, beauty products, halal food, halal food, halal food, halal food, halal food, halal food, halal food
Contact Person : [SA] A. Siddiquei
I want to buy : Spare Parts
Contact Person : [UK] Sir Martin Roy
I want to buy : Tools, Machine
Contact Person : [CN] Alley
I want to buy : foot massager, massage hammer, air purifier, massage mat
Contact Person : [TG] june wesly
I want to buy : trust
Contact Person : [NG] William Hanks
I want to buy : good
Contact Person : [US] Polo
I want to buy : Telecomunication
Contact Person : [CN] kimi
I want to buy : stainless steel bottle, coffee pot, travel bottle, kitchen supplies
Contact Person : [NG] yusuf musa
I want to buy : shavers, stationaries, packaging tapes, razors, padlocks, razors, super glues, cotton buds
Contact Person : [US] Cynthia Brown
I want to buy : Chaise , glides, Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , Chaise , glides
Contact Person : [JM] SUYEN SMITH
I want to buy : , 20
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