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Category >> Office Supplies

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Contact Person : [HK] JUDY CHAN
I want to buy : golf ball , golf bag , polo shirt , cap , baby clothes, baby products
Contact Person : [PK] Rashad Khan
I want to buy : Galvanized Steel, HVAC Units, Computers, Heavy Mechanicals, Machinery, Electronics, Civil Tools, Electrical Tools
Contact Person : [IN] varghese john
I want to buy : copier toner, drums, cleaning blade , heat rollers , spiral sheets
Contact Person : [BD] H.N. Barmma
I want to buy : CD, DVD, Machine, Textile
Contact Person : [NG] Taofik Azeez
I want to buy : office use
Contact Person : [EG] Dr. Hisham Ali
I want to buy : surgical gloves, disposable gloves, latix gloves, examination glovesFull production system
Contact Person : [IN] Jeevanantham
I want to buy : office stationers
Contact Person : [CN] lilly
I want to buy : office supplies, wood and furniture, textile, clothing, shoes, leisure, leather, sports, machine, metal, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical, chemical
Contact Person : [FI] Tommy
I want to buy : LED, Shoer room
Contact Person : [MU] Prashane Gokhool
I want to buy : cooking oil, gold, flour, diamond, rice, powder milk, wood
Contact Person : [BD] Abu Saleem
I want to buy : Machine, Defence Items, Chemicals, Metals, Telecommunications, Medical Equipments
Contact Person : [NG] Rotimi Ayodele
I want to buy : invitation cards
Contact Person : [SA] ABDUL GAFOOR
I want to buy : office furniture
Contact Person : [CN] Enya zuo
I want to buy : Tapes, gum tapes, cello tapes, adhesive tapes, masking tapes, electrical tapes, stationery tapes
Contact Person : [KR] K.C. Cha
I want to buy : Sketch Book, Croquis, Drawing Book, Black Paper, Duplex Board, Grey Chip Board, Manila Paper, Manila Board, Color Paper, Greese Proof, Black Card, Black Board, Kraft paper
Contact Person : [PK] Hassam
I want to buy : A4 size paper
Contact Person : [HK] Raymond Chu
I want to buy : Ink, Toner, Printer Supplies, Computer consumable, Printer, office, supplies, computer
Contact Person : [CN] John Lo
I want to buy : Hot melt glue film , breathing hot melt glue film , Tattoo glue
Contact Person : [US] Yvonne Robinson
I want to buy : Laptop & Accessories, NetWorking, Drives & Storages, Computer Accessories, iPad & Accessories, Computer Components, Fashion Jewelry, Beads & Studs, Digital Watches, Occasional Jewelry
Contact Person : [CN] Amit Kumar
I want to buy : Somet Second Hand Rapier Weaving Machine
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