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Category >> Telecommunications

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Contact Person : [TW] Michael Wang
I want to buy : Antenna, IT, Connector, Diecasting, Plastic injection, OEM, SMT, ODM, Bag
Contact Person : [CN] Corrine Zheng
I want to buy : mobile phone case, mobile phone cover, housing, mobile phone display, batteries, charger, mobile phone usb datecables, mobile phone spare parts
Contact Person : [IN] S Manikandan
I want to buy : Rugged Laptop, Rugged Display, Rugged Industrial Computer, Xray Scanning Machine, Industrial Computers
Contact Person : [CN] larry
I want to buy : fixed wireless terminal, fixed wireless phone, fixed wireless gateway, GSM gateways, CDMA gateways, VOIP gateways, wireless phones, wireless gateway, FWT, FWP, PHS, FCT, router, battery, electroincs, telecommunication
Contact Person : [US] deven
I want to buy : jerseys, phones, usb, cases
Contact Person : [US] Jeffrey Glick
I want to buy : novelty
Contact Person : [PE] victor delgado
I want to buy : Iphone, celular phone, laptop, tv phone, mp4, cell phone
Contact Person : [CN] 劉春雷
I want to buy : USB Flash disks, MP3, MP4
Contact Person : [BE] Jacques Verbeeck
I want to buy : HDTV, satellite, receiver, pciexpress, lcdtv
Contact Person : [ES] Cristian Agustin
I want to buy : gifts
Contact Person : [IR] Nasser Hassanzadeh
I want to buy : Smart Cards, Magnetic Cards, POS, Chemicals, Heavy vehicle, Kraft Liners Paper, Test Liner paper, STPP, MIBC, SIPX, Liquid Caustic Soda
Contact Person : [YU] Momo Stefanovic
I want to buy : Radios, Antennas, GPS
Contact Person : [TN] Ben Sliman
I want to buy : cellular phone jammer, walktrough metal detector, oscilloscope, electronic scale, chemical instrument, power supply
Contact Person : [IQ] Ali
I want to buy : Satellite internet Antenna , Ku BUC& LNB, Internet satellite service, wireless wifi, phone exchanger, fingerprint, electronics
Contact Person : [UK] Barry Norton
I want to buy : Batteries , Chargers
Contact Person : [IN] Gireesh Agrawaal
I want to buy : Vendor
Contact Person : [CN] Niclas luang
I want to buy : housing, lcd, flex cable, keypad, bluetooth headset, antenna, battey, tools, camera, len, cellphone
Contact Person : [ID] ridwan tjandra
I want to buy : computer
Contact Person : [DE] Omar Serif
I want to buy : massagechair, mp3, mp4, mobile, electronic, lcd, dvd, service, hardware, healthcare, beauty
Contact Person : [LK] Janarthanan
I want to buy : GSM FWT
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