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Category >> Transportation

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Contact Person : [IR] ayoub
I want to buy : bushing
Contact Person : [UK] william caunce
I want to buy : motorcycles, scissor lifts, pandora jewellery
Contact Person : [ZM] kebby Sichula
I want to buy : engine, liner, kit
Contact Person : [EG] Mohamad Elokdah
I want to buy : car park lifts
Contact Person : [AU] Lulu
I want to buy : Mini Scooter, Generator, Bicycle
Contact Person : [BD] shakil
I want to buy : motorcycle
Contact Person : [ID] irwan sugianto
I want to buy : bodykit, gadget, food, tonneau cover, car accessories, aerokit
Contact Person : [UK] Khalik,Catherine
I want to buy : Truck Tires, Size
Contact Person : [TW] Shiang-Ting Kung
I want to buy : Car airconditioning, air compressor, furnace, condensers, manufacturing machinery, serpentine evaporator core, laminate evaporator core, receiver dryer, machining center, a/c switch, pressure switch, expansion valve, extrusion machine, hydraulic press
Contact Person : [RU] Smirnov Alexander
I want to buy : Propellers for outboards, Marine hardware, Outboard spare parts, Marine meters/gauges, Boating steering and control, Marine fuel tanks, lines and connectors, Bilge pumps, Navigation lights, Switch panels, Water skis, Boating equipment
Contact Person : [BR] Cezar Dias Cezar
I want to buy : Autoparts, Textile, Agriculture, Sports, Brazilian Stones
Contact Person : [IN] neha
I want to buy : food, agriculture, LiveStock, business, chemicals, raw material, Transportation, office Supplies
Contact Person : [LK] Mr . upali gunawardena
I want to buy : kiosk, pedi cabs, backward rickshaw, cargo bicycles, mobile shops, human powered bicycles, cargo rickshaw
Contact Person : [IN] Roberton Anthony
I want to buy : bicycle, electical bicycle
Contact Person : [CN] HU YANG
I want to buy : iron, nickle, manganese, chrome, ore, steel, coal, copper, bauxite
Contact Person : [PK] sohaib hafeez
I want to buy : sheet sheet coil, steel bars rods, genrators, cnc used machines, plastic parts manufecturing machines, steel parts manufecturing machines, compressors, welding machines equipment, welding accessories, Grinding amery cutting tools, sheet metal presses
Contact Person : [VN] Pete
I want to buy : machine
Contact Person : [CN] yu Mike
I want to buy : Fcl shipment, air shipment, Lcl shipment, Trucking, customs, cargo insurance
Contact Person : [MD] Corneliu Candeba
I want to buy : tyres
Contact Person : [AE] S. Haja Najemudeen
I want to buy : limit switches, elevator limit switches, wiring accessories, cable ties, terminal lugs, elevator parts, escalator parts, cables, wires, traction wires, wire ropes, tools
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