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Category >> Shoes And Leather

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Contact Person : [ES] James Morgan
I want to buy : T-Shirts, Jeans, BedSheets, Blankets, Garments
Contact Person : [ZA] Sean Gosling
I want to buy : Merchant Trader
Contact Person : [ID] Tatika - Import dept
I want to buy : wet blue split
Contact Person : [CN] Li Jun
I want to buy : 自行车, 自行车配件
Contact Person : [GH] 彭俐萍
I want to buy : 壓路機, 挖土機, 西裝布, 麻布, 窗簾布, 沙發布, 塑料造粒機, 塑膠袋吹模機, 塑膠工業製造機, 假髮, 頭套, 塑料碗吹模機
Contact Person : [NG] AGG
I want to buy : laptop
Contact Person : [FR] TARDY AN CHUN
I want to buy : 粉圓機, 戶外家具 , 家居佈置品, 米糧食品, 醬料香料, 玻璃及塑膠容器, 帳棚
Contact Person : [TW] Jeffrey
I want to buy : Gift, Fashion, Sporting
Contact Person : [CM] Ngwanna Petersen
I want to buy : Instant Noodles, Clothing (Jeans, t-shirts, , Biscuits, Wafers, Office Supplies, stationary, maize millers, water pomps, mobile phones, mineral water, juices, plastic chairs
Contact Person : [ID] Matthias Beck
I want to buy : Fishleather, Tilapia, Tilapialeather, Fischleder, Tilapialeder
Contact Person : [CN] linjinsheng
I want to buy : shoes
Contact Person : [NG] +2348077302419
I want to buy : shoe, leather, cloth, chemical
Contact Person : [CN] emily
I want to buy : clothes, shoes, handbags, phones
Contact Person : [BJ] Mr. Jonathan Adjovi
I want to buy : Shoes, Clothing
Contact Person : [CN] tubave
I want to buy : health, make-up, compressor, sunglasses, pump, sweeper, shoes
Contact Person : [CN] Kopi
I want to buy : jewelry
Contact Person : [CN] 武超
I want to buy : 商业服务
Contact Person : [CN] Cathy Chen
I want to buy : GSM home alarm system, GSM car alarm, GPS tracker, self-defence devie, hidden DVR, robot vacuum cleaner, intelligent vacuum cleaner, surveillance device, smart vacuum cleaner, mini DVR, covert camera, video recorder, GSM security and surveillance system, IP camera, wireless internet , video glasses recorder, sunglasses DVR, GSM surveillance device, GSM home security alarm system, GSM home surveillance device
Contact Person : [MY] joanne
I want to buy : leathers, cosmetic, food, fashion
Contact Person : [PK] M.ALI
I want to buy : Rubber sheet,neolite sheet,sole sheet,eva sheet,eva rolls,eva sole,Pu leather non woven,flocking leather(cow split leather laminated with PU leather)
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