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Category >> Metals And Minerals

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Contact Person : [NG] Anderson Peters
I want to buy : metal
Contact Person : [CN] Linda Li
I want to buy : injection mould, blow mould, plastic mould
Contact Person : [CN] Nico Wen
I want to buy : metal powder
Contact Person : [CN] 邮件联系
I want to buy : Copper, Aluminum
Contact Person : [CN] Hellen
I want to buy : bearings, bearings, deep groove ball bearings, ball bearings, taper roller bearings.
Contact Person : [CN] Betty Wei
I want to buy : ilmenite, ilmenite sand
Contact Person : [CN] 唐志军
I want to buy : Metal materials, Metal materials, Metal materials, Metal materials, Stainless steel plate, Stainless steel plate, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, silicon steel, brass, silicon steel, brass, aluminum tube, aluminum tube, aluminum belt, aluminum belt, aluminum belt, aluminum belt, aluminum belt·, belt, aluminum belt, aluminum belt
Contact Person : [US] Sundeep Kumar
I want to buy : apparel, apparel
Contact Person : [MY] David Ivory
I want to buy : telecommunications, heavy equipments, electricals, metals
Contact Person : [CN] aleth tian
I want to buy : titanium, nickel , tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium , hafnium, standard part
Contact Person : [ZA] Mandla Maseko
I want to buy : hardware
Contact Person : [BO] Ramiro Rivero M.
I want to buy : drill, crawler, wagon, hydraulic
Contact Person : [TW] 蔡慧文
I want to buy : Remelted lead ingots, secondary lead ingots, recycled lead ingots
Contact Person : [CN] Jerry Yao
I want to buy : Non-Ferrous Metals, Molybdenum Cup, Zirconium Cup, titanium plate, titanium foil
Contact Person : [US] Alexander cincchini
I want to buy : Metals and Minerials, Energy and raw material, Industrial equipment, Chemicals, Electronic and Electrial, office supplies, Telecommunications, Biotech, Agriculture , Architecture, Construction
Contact Person : [CN] 徐云兰
I want to buy : spare parts, crane , tower crane
Contact Person : [US] Yan Kigo
I want to buy : Gold, Gold Dust, Gold Bar
Contact Person : [UK] Marcus Cole
I want to buy : steel, metals, stainless, coil, steel pipes
Contact Person : [ZA] Larry Cole
I want to buy : Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Studs , Washers, Springs
Contact Person : [CH] Paul Schmidt
I want to buy : chemicals, crude oil products, wood, furniture, textiles, household
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