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Product Description
We are looking for Agents/Representatives for promotion of the following products:-.

01. Industrial and petro chemicals.
02. Precision Bellows, Flanges, Fasteners
03. Equipments for desalination industrial plants, Water Intake systems, Travelling Water Screens, Stop log gates, Valves, etc.,
04. Barbed wire, Chainlink fence, and construction related machinery and spares.
05. Power and Distribution Transformers, Earthing Transformers.
06. Electrical Control panels, Instrumention and process control panels.
07. UPS and invertors.
08. Motion control equipments.
09. Bentonite, Bleaching Earth, Granular Bleaching Earth for BTX.
10. Oil field chemicals, water treatment chemicals.
11. Auto replacement parts.
12. Pet preforms.
13. Engineering plastics.
14. Turnkey projects for manufacturing of Salt, Biscuits and dairy machineries.
15. Air ventilators,
16. Airconditioning systems, plant and machineries.
17. Heavy engineering fabrication as per drawings and designs.
18. Rubber lined process equipments, valves, Tanks, etc.,
19. LPG tanks, Storage Vessels, silos, etc.,
20. Silica Gel and Dessicants.
21. Food Stuffs , Chilly powder, Tamarind, turmeric, Indian spices, masalas and curry powder, onions.
22. Sanitary wares and fittings.
23. Slate, Marble, Granites in Blocks as well as cut to the sizes tiles.

24. Ferro Mangenese, Ferro silicons, etc.,
25. Gum Olibanum

26. Transmission towers,

28. Brass fittings and Fasteners

29. Bauxite, Soap stone powder, and other minerals.

30. Variac Transformers, Stabilizers,

31. Food Stuffs, - Tomato Paste, wines, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, etc.,

32. Textiles and apparels for men, women children.

33. Complete plant and machinery for Bio Diesel, Food processing units, etc.,

34. Hydro power generation equipments, TWS, Turbines, etc.,

35. Mendhi, Natural dye used widelt as cosmetics

36. Mouth Refresher............ any amny more.

Please contact us with your requirements for any products/services. We would be pleased to source supplier as per your requirements

Company Description
Company Profile
Company:  **********
Contact:  Shalish Gajjar
Email:  Add to Basket
Phone:  **********
Fax:  **********
Country:  India

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