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Contact Person : [NG] Okechukwu Orabuisi
I want to buy : nozzles, injectors, plungers
Contact Person : [YE] salim
I want to buy : Pharmaceutica, MEDICAL, Medicine, Foodstuff cakes, chocolate
Contact Person : [NG] Ayeni
I want to buy : Medial , Ophthalmic Consumables, Surgical
Contact Person : [ID] Fendi
I want to buy : offshore, shipping, electrical, machinery, sanitary, rigging, hardware, protective, hose, coupling, nautical, welding, valve
Contact Person : [ES] Miguel Manzanares
I want to buy : ballscrew, bearings , plates
Contact Person : [US] Dr. Donald Kemp
I want to buy : check valves, steel pipes, gate valves, pipe fittings
Contact Person : [CN] 徐云兰
I want to buy : spare parts, crane , tower crane
Contact Person : [US] Jim Pender
I want to buy : machineries, lace, Electrical, thread, construction, sewing machines, computers, tractors, clothing materials, agricultural equipments
Contact Person : [PK] Syed Muzammil Hussain
I want to buy : Fabric, Textile & garments machines, Garments
Contact Person : [RU] valery
I want to buy : 20S-2 (157L+1CL), 24S-6 (132L+1CL), 28S-2 (112L+1CL), 28S-3 (112L+1CL), 28S-4 (112L+1CL, 32S-2 (100L+1CL, 32S-3 (100L+1CL)
Contact Person : [MX] Luis Fernandez de Cordova
I want to buy : dvd, tv, lcd tv, harware, water pressure machines, home appliances, garments, shoes, sports and healthy, disposables, time recorders, time and daters, car accseries, tires, toys, marble, dvd, dvd, dvd, dvd
Contact Person : [DE] Grace Edward
I want to buy : electronics
Contact Person : [UK] Lawrence B.
I want to buy : rig, equipments, machines, tools, services, products, fluid, steel, materials, metals, systems
Contact Person : [US] Cho
I want to buy : General Trading/Supplies
Contact Person : [IN] kiran
I want to buy : Hard Chrome Plated Shaft
Contact Person : [CN] Kevin
I want to buy : bolt, nut, rivet, hex, stainless steel, conuntersunk, dome head, hemlok, maolock, screw, washer, alternator, rod, claw-pole, Din, spring, hardware, fastener, tool, auto parts
Contact Person : [US] Elham Awadalla
I want to buy : wood and furniture, energy and raw material, distributor and trade, sports and leisure, security and protection
Contact Person : [US] Roysha Cole
I want to buy : Computer
Contact Person : [CN] taylor tu
I want to buy : track roller , track ink , track shoe, spare parts
Contact Person : [AU] Sofia Brown
I want to buy : furniture, chemicals
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