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Category >> Machinery On-Line

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Contact Person : [IN] Mr. T. K. Bagchi
I want to buy : SMD PCB Assembly Line
Contact Person : [CN] Lily Kang
I want to buy : machine tools, medical machine, wood-working machine, food machine, printing machine, packaging machine, beer machine
Contact Person : [KE] Jumba Nicholas Tsisaga
I want to buy : filling,machines,check,weight,scales
Contact Person : [CN] lucia wang
I want to buy : welding machine, welder, welding equipment, air plasma cutter, air plasma cutting machine, cutting equipment, inverter mma welder, mma welding machine, tig welding machine, mig welding machine, tig welder, mig welder, cutter, cutting machine, igbt welding machine, igbt welder, discrete igbt welder, discrete igbt welding machine, trasformer welder, transformer welding machine
Contact Person : [IN] Mohit Jindal
I want to buy : Carton Making Plant with Flexoprinter
Contact Person : [CN] 刘坚强
I want to buy : 液压阀、泵
Contact Person : [BW] MacDonald
I want to buy : Baby nappies, wet wipes, baby diapers, toilet paper, adult nappies, disposable nappies, adult diapers, disposable diapers, Sanitary pads
Contact Person : [ZM] Mumba bodrick
I want to buy : oil processing machines, furnaces
Contact Person : [IN] Siddhartha Somana
I want to buy : Slumped Glass, Plates, Bowls, Shot glasses, Mugs
Contact Person : [IR] ammar mizban
I want to buy : electric cars , generators, water pumps , chrging battries, mini cars , tricycles, hawer crafts
Contact Person : [CN] robin zhang
I want to buy : engine oil purifier , transformer oil purifier , insulating oil purifier , dielctric oil purifier , lubricating oil purifier , insulating oil filtering, waste oil treatment
Contact Person : [CN] nanfu wu
I want to buy : electric , small merchandise
Contact Person : [CN] fei
I want to buy : vibrating sieve , vibrating screen , vibration sieve , vibrator separator, vibro separator, siever shaker, vibro shaker, screw conveyor, spiral conveyor, mesh screen , vibrator screen, vibrating feeder
Contact Person : [EC] Jacobo Schneider
I want to buy : Fertilizer
Contact Person : [HK] JUDY CHAN
I want to buy : golf ball , golf bag , polo shirt , cap , baby clothes, baby products
Contact Person : [PK] Rashad Khan
I want to buy : Galvanized Steel, HVAC Units, Computers, Heavy Mechanicals, Machinery, Electronics, Civil Tools, Electrical Tools
Contact Person : [CN] Robin
I want to buy : biomass
Contact Person : [IR] esrafil ghanbari
I want to buy : scew barrel, gearbox, die head, airring, EVA , LDPE, LLDPE
Contact Person : [ET] ertyg
I want to buy : house, marchents , lands, butures, places, carpers , locals, handcrafts, businss, electronics
Contact Person : [US] Nageen Masud
I want to buy : water jet machine, polyester yarn
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